Deep-Frying Tips

Here are some tips guys if you are into Deep Frying method of cooking. Just follow the easy deep frying tips below:
  • The oil must reach a good temperature to brown the exterior of the food quickly while cooking it. That temperature is almost always between 350F and 375F degrees. To be sure the oil is right use a frying thermometer.
  • Use canola oil for frying. It is low in saturated fat, has a high burning point, and does not detract from the flavor of the food you are frying.
  • Avoid crowding food that is deep-fat-fried. The food must be surrounded by bubbling oil, and you must keep the temperature from falling too much. If you add too much food to a small amount of oil, the temperature will plummet, and the food will wind up greasy and soggy.
  • Never fill the pot more than halfway with oil; this will prevent bubbling over when the food is added.
  • Dry food well with paper towels before adding to the pot; it helps reduce splattering.

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